overly critical me..

May 30, 2008

so im doing a beth moore study on daniel. ive been knowing for a VERY long time that im supposed to study daniel and am finally being obedient. however… i guess i find fault in a lot of things and probly should address this but theres one thing about the study that really gets under my skin.

the study comes with dvd’s of beth moore doing an overview for each week of study. its really helpful and im glad that she sheds light on some of the verses and on the history of daniel. im thankful for the dvds… its not that, its the fact that she has a set.

she’s in a church… a HUGE place and on the stage is the elaborate set built to look like a coffee shop. at first i thought that the set was for something else and she was just using the stage. not so… she explained how the set intertwined with the study and how it would help us to understand some things. i dont know about you but it seems like an awful waste of money to spend all that money building a set to “prove” gods word…

the same goes for elaborate sets at church. whats the point? how does wasting money on a set, fancy chairs, expensive paintings.. etc, bring glory to God? im wondering how He feels about HIS tithes being used for these things when there are mouths to be fed and bodies to be made warm. i know i’d be adomently opposed to my church using our tithe money toward anything like that. is it just me? i think its a tragic missuse.

….but i do love beth moore and her passion for her calling, and the study is amazing and all that… 🙂

i know im very critical so please excuse my pessimism 🙂 i’ll write something more chipper next time


3 Responses to “overly critical me..”

  1. Kristen Says:

    Lana—I completely agree with you. Perhaps it is just a contiuation of the American mindset. I feel like so many churches and whatnot are trying to sell Jesus. Look here we have Jesus 2.0 in our church, etc. Look at our flashing lights and our smoke machines. What are we at a concert?
    I always hate saying stuff like that about the church because ultimately the church is good, but at the same time I don’t believe that the American church is this all powerful, we-are-doing-it-right church.
    Perhaps it is because of our culture–all the flashing advertisements seeping ideologies into our minds. We need to be entertained, we need something new, something flashy, something that makes me feel better. So that is what we do to Jesus. We talk about him under bright lights and big stages with pretty tapestries hanging on the wall after a hip praise and worship band makes Jesus seem so cool.
    How about we just get back to Jesus. A simple, quiet man who changed the world with his heart not his pocketbook and new gadgets. Why must we get bored just talking about Jesus–why do we have to build fancy buildings in order to talk about him.
    Sorry for the rant–but I see it the same way. Lets feed and clothe some people with the money. I feel like it is terrible to say this, but when I look at the crosses above Walmart, I think about how many children could be fed with that money, a homeless shelter could have been started, we could have paid for a villiage in Africa to eat with that money. But instead we build these idol-type crosses to prove to ourselves that we really do love Jesus.

  2. johny.b Says:

    Lana welcome to the world of blogging,I am adding ur blogs to a list of blogs i read,doing the happy dance I see my friend Lanna has a blog!!!!!

  3. johny.b Says:

    lanna i 100 percent agree with you on the money issue ,but i am glad ur doing a study reading in God word deeper ,well hope you enjoy ur study!

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