Perkins Rowe row row my boat…

July 15, 2008

HI FRIENDS! So this post will be a little different.. but hey, i like a little variety. I just wanted to share with my lovely friends whats going on in my world and in the world of Perkins Rowe.

If you didnt know… I signed a lease almost a year ago (In November of 2007) for a retail space in Perkins Rowe. Hooray! One would think. Let me tell you a little bit of why there still is no sign of Zuri in that spot.

Once my lease was approved, we received a little book called the “tenant package”, which specified codes and and building guidelines for retail spaces. (Another little known fact, tenants are responsible for designing, building and paying for anything in those spaces save the concrete slab… this includes the glass in the front, plumbing, heating and air… everything!) So, we prepare plans (which takes about 6 weeks) and submit them. They are approved for “design”. Over the next few months we go back and forth with submissions, approvals and revisions to meet their codes. We still haven’t gotten final building approval. (Thats one more step i think). Sidenote: All designs must be done by licensed architects and designers (luckily, I have both in my immediate family.) Anyhow, once we received enough of an approval we submitted our plans to a contractor to get bids. Another 6 or 8 weeks down the road we get a bid we cannot afford. Let me just tell you I could build a pretty fancy house with a yard and picket fence for the cost.

Next phase in the plan. FInd new contractor. Found, submit for new bids, done. New bids are impossible to come by because: PERKINS ROWE DEVELOPERS SUCK. Construction of the bones of perkins rowe was done so cheaply that the liability for anyone else to come in and work is so high… none want to. After the first wave of shops were built, the project got an extremely bad rap in the world of construction that no sub-contractors will even submit bids to work out there… and if they do, they pad them so much its impossible to pay for.

So.. here’s where I stand. I have a lease I cannot get out of and a buildout I cannot pay for. I’m sort of talking to investors and that’s psuedo-promising, but we’ll see. At this point I kind of dont care what happens. If I break the lease they’ll sue me for the rent. Which I’m not really worried about because luckily I dont have anything for them take. And if I find investors and the projects gets off the ground I’ll work my fingers to the bone for the next 10 years making good on promised profits, which I’m also ok with. BEST CASE SCENARIO: They let me out of the lease because fulfilling it is rediculous, I take Zuri elsewhere and all is good in the world. If anything else happens all will still be good in the world… maybe a little tougher, but after this year I think I can handle tough.

So there you have it. The last year of my life. FUN FUN 🙂 On the bright side… I am still my own boss, and as far as I can tell I always will be. I don’t take for granted one day the fact that, at 26, I even have the opportunity to be faced with these decisions. If perkins rowe doesnt work out, I still have the ability to set up shop elsewhere. Im incredibly grateful for that. Everybody has a struggle… this just happens to be mine.


One Response to “Perkins Rowe row row my boat…”

  1. meg Says:

    lanner… i love you and am praying for His purposes to prevail. go read isaiah 46:9-10 when you can. He really does take care of things according to what He desires to bring about. you and i have talked about this so much… i know you are just trusting Him. you’re beautiful, and so is your journey.

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