lucifer’s halo

July 23, 2008

Ok. I just thought of quite a perplexing question that i’ve never even considered before.


It’s really hard for me to even type anything beyond that because my mind is seriously at a standstill. Just the possibility is strangely beautiful to me. Is satan so far from redemption that not even God can save him? Two extreme reactions seem to fly from my thoughts. YESNO! God can. He can. If we/I believe in a God who’s power cannot be measured then the obvious answer is yes. But then you’re like… its satan. hello!!

Which brings another question to mind. Salvation was for the human race, correct? Can angelic hosts ever change their status? Are they all created angels and make the choice to fall, much like we make the choice to be redeemed?? Kind of like backwards salvation?

But then scripture says there will be a new heaven AND a new hell. So I guess that ultimately means satan will not be redeemed in the end. But it still doesnt answer the question of whether or not he COULD be. If the ideas satan carries out through the human race, SIN, can be forgiven, couldn’t the mastermind as well? I think if I had to give an honest opinion of what I thought was POSSIBLE i’d say that, no, satan is not too far from redemption. If i said yes I’d be putting a limit to a God I claim to be limitless. This is crazy to me!!! Scandalous, scandalous grace.

Let me know what you think!!!


6 Responses to “lucifer’s halo”

  1. Amy Says:

    Good Question… makes my head hurt though! so I dont know what I think.. does that help..I guess not so this comment was for no reason 🙂

  2. lebraix Says:

    Thats an excellent question. I guess I’ll have to yield to someone who wants to tackle the theology of that.

    The real question should be: If God can do anything, can he microwave a burrito so hot that even he himself couldn’t eat it?

  3. lanacole Says:

    yes.. its called a goooodddd pooocckket.

  4. Micah Says:

    The question is poorly formed. I like Lebraix’s better.

  5. lebraix Says:

    So, we never did get the answer to either question, I suppose?

  6. lana Says:

    Well…. JARED was supposed to provide an answer for me. Where ya at jared??? Also I got recommended a book but I haven’t looked at it yet. We will have an answer!!!

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