red or blue, im with You

November 4, 2008

So, last night I began praying for the elections today. I wasn’t praying for a specific candidate to win, but just that God would use whomever did win and that this country won’t completely flip its wig tomorrow (or late tonight). Well… I didn’t get very far into prayer when all I could hear was “govern yourself lana”. But but but…. “govern yourself”.

Ok. So that was it. I didn’t need to pray anymore, because for the first time in a long time I heard the voice of God clearly and directly. I believe he was telling me to not worry about who will win tomorrow. As long as I govern myself in a righteous way, continue to follow Jesus and learn his teachings, to treat people as if they actually meant something to Him all will be well for me. And if we, as believers and disciples of Christ can take five minutes from telling other people that their political choices are stupid to live the way Christ lived, political outcomes will have a FAR lesser affect on us, our attitudes and our way of treating each other.

I’ve taken part in my fair share of criticism but I’m gonna roll with whatever we’re given. I may not trust one of the candidates and I may not agree with some of the things they stand for.. .BUT, I do trust my God. And as long as I can remember that, tomorrow’s outcome can’t and won’t cause me to bask in victory or hang my head in defeat. Hopefully I can just learn to govern myself.


5 Responses to “red or blue, im with You”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Amen, you are very right.

  2. lana Says:

    yep…. people are flippin their wigs. STOP IT!!!!!!!

  3. meg Says:

    there are a ton of great things i could say about this, but as to not embarrass you, i’ll just say i think it’s worth reading and thinking on for all of us. love you.

  4. Amy Says:

    Great point and I completely agree. God knew what was going to happen and we should trust him. Freaking out and going into a depression will not change the outcome. Lets see what happens!

  5. Kelli Dart Says:

    Awesome Lana, thanks for sharing this!!

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