November 6, 2008

Ok. So, I randomly picked 6 avid facebook status updaters to ask the SAME question to. 3 of them are Obama enthusiasts, 3 of them for Mccain. I asked them something like: 

Just a random question because I’m curious. In what ways do you think your life will change now that Obama is president? How will your quality of life be improved (or worsened… depending on who they were for)?

NONE of them have responded. NONE. Although they have taken the time to update their statuses in more praise or utter despair… nobody seems to be able to say WHY. Hmm… just food for thought.


4 Responses to “Interesting….”

  1. lebraix Says:

    bummer! some people have real responses ;-).

    what about you? what if someone asked you that question?

  2. lana Says:

    well…. i wasnt really affected by the outcome. i kind of expected it so i was prepared. and honestly… i dont think MY life will change that much. i dont think it would no matter who won. if obama’s tax plan passes the way he’s proposing… my business would be affected in the future, in a HUGE way. No.. i’m not at the 250k mark yet.. but it probably will be within the next presidency especially if i open a second store. so… obama being president will affect my job and career if his tax plan passes and if my business is successful. but all of this is hypothetical so ill wait to get my panties in a wad until something actually happens. in the meantime.. he’s my president, i’m gonna give him a chance.

    thats how i would answer.. ha. 🙂

  3. johny.B Says:

    To be honest my life would change if either candidate were in office,my life is in Gods hands ,if this means that money is gonna be tighter then maybe this is to show me and teach me to be grateful for what I have,as far as health care God has that in his hands as well. My Quality of life is not based on a person in the white house

  4. johny.B Says:

    look that that cross in the back of the room on Sunday night, look at the testimonies back there and look at what God has brought all of us through,our out look on life should not be based on who is running th country,our focus should be on Christ and leading others to him

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