With jingle bells on

December 1, 2008

“I’ve never seen anything like that before”

“I’m afraid there’s nothing that can be done”

“You have a permanent disability”

“I’m afraid it’ll always be that way”


“I’m not sure you’ll ever run again”

“You’ll never run again”

“Thats out of my league to operate on”

“How in the world are you walking?”

These are just a few of the things I heard from orthopedic surgeons I visited before I had my tendon reconstruction 2 years ago. Recovery for me was an impossibility. Repair was possible, but full recovery… never. The overwhelming response from the specialist I saw was that my knee and leg was beyond repair and hope, that I’d never be active again, and that… well, that they were sorry. It was inconceivable to them that I’d even managed to walk and be active with the damage my knee had suffered. Dr. Dugas, the surgeon who repaired it told me quite frankly that he’d do his best but because the injury was so extensive he really didn’t know how to predict what my capabilities would be after. Outlook was bleak. But I was hopeful. And determined. And stubborn.

This Friday I will run my first race in over 5 years. Just a simple 5k but I honestly cant believe it. Its overwhelming to me. Sometimes I feel silly about getting so excited about it and try my best not to make it out to be a big deal… but you know what. ITS A BIG FREAKING DEAL!!! I have run this distance several times recently but running in a race…. its just different. And I’m excited. And my 54 year old mom is running with me. How amazing. God has blessed me immensely and Im not gonna feel silly about being excited over that!!!!!! Hooray yippie goodie goodie gum drops!! He can. Whatever it is. He can. Thats my story.

After my surgery I said that I was training for a marathon. I wasn’t lying. I am… but it’ll just take me a taaaddd longer than normal. For now 5k is plenty.

I love breaking the rules.


3 Responses to “With jingle bells on”

  1. D Says:

    Awesome! Congrats from someone else who loves to break the rules…albeit in a different sense 😉

  2. i’m so proud of you!!! i cant wait to cross the finish line, run way up ahead where you are and find you and give you a hug!

  3. Kelli Dart Says:

    Go Lana..Go Lana…Go Lana..!!!

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