December 31, 2008

Things I’m thankful for in 2008:

(because the last post was kinda depressing…!!)

-I was t-boned in late December 07, my car was totaled but me and Ryan were completely fine. It really was a miracle… I’m so thankful for that.

-New mini.

-A restored friendship.


-A little miracle baby nephew. Ask me about this if you dont know the story. Seriously. This is probably the thing i’m MOST thankful for from the year.
-A restored heart after a really difficult break-up.



-My sister’s pregnancy… which led to them moving home!!!!!!!!! New baby coming in March.. woo hoo!!!

-Running. A. Race. For. The. First. Time. In. Five. Years. !!!!!!!!! Also ask me about this if you dont know. God is the man.

-My church.

-New friends.


-A place to live. Eat. Rest. Be loved. A home.

-Ella. As always…. 🙂

2008 was hard. Real hard. But as I think back I realize more and more how it was filled with the miraculous. Amazing things were happening all around me all the time. Im so thankful to have a God that loves me, takes care of me, gets me THROUGH, sustains me, cherishes me. He gives me all that I need and I’m so thankful for that, every day… even the bad, hard, horrendous, can you believe this?! days.

I. Am. Blessed.


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