piece of me

February 26, 2009

Ok, I figure since I have been too lazy lately to actually write down any of the “blogs” going on in my head… I’ll at least treat y’all to some sort of post… since I know you all are holding your breath 🙂 I’ll try to do this more often.. except i’ll try to start doing a better job of NEW stuff.. (after this)   Anyway… I just happened to stumble across this a few days ago. Its a poem I wrote oh.. .circa 2006 (ish) during a really kinda dark and confusing time. ANYWAY, enough ado. Here it go: (oh… ps, this poem is all about cadence… so it may not read as well as it sound to me, ha)

Rain Falls

Rain falls and
Whispers call
Silent shouts
All about what
I cant let go
And I don’t know
I cry
In the night
It just might
A plea
To see
who’ll save me
from this mess
and craziness
of doubt
I shout
It wont
Come out.
Held all in
My head again
I wont give way
To let me say
i need to give
It up to live
A life that’s free
Waiting on me
This vice
I must
I just
Don’t know how
Is it too late now
For you its not
For ive been bought
On my knees tonight
Loosing my fight

with me.

So humbly
I mumble
I give it up.

fill me up.


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