Oh my darlin..

March 12, 2009

I’d like to introduce the world to my niece, Clementine June.



She was born at 12:33 pm, Tuesday March 10, 2009. She weighed 7.12 pounds and was 19 inches = perfection.

Isn’t she beautiful?? I know she’d kill me for putting all her bidness out there for the whole world to see if she
was old enough to have a choice. OH WELL LITTLE ONE!!!!! I’m so in love with this little thing. It’s so incredible
to me that a full fledged little person came out of my sister…. that she was living in a belly and now she’s all
out in the world being beautiful and sweet and perfect. The experience is beyond words.

I got to see my sister just a few minutes before they started the actual delivery and I have NEVER loved her more.
The feeling was overwhelming. I was so proud and in love and worried and happy and giddy and anxious and and and..

Whew!!! I have a niece. Amazing. I can’t wait to watch her just live.


One Response to “Oh my darlin..”

  1. fleurby loo Says:

    Aw, congrats!! I’m so glad she’s here. Welcome to the world, Clementine! So cute.

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