a prayer

March 25, 2009

just a prayer- i write them down sometimes. and usually wouldnt share, but maybe somebody else needs this prayer right now too.

‘dear lord i pray tonight that i would find my contentment in you. that these crazy irrationalities in my head will be replaced by truth. by love. by the one constant i will ever know. lord i pray that you will give me the desire to seek you more. to seek you consistently. to want to know. to know you- intimately. so intimately that none of these other thoughts even ever come up. ever matter. lord i pray for a knowledge of my own identity in you so solid that what i think others may think will never matter- will never arise. that i will not be threatened by what i cannot control. lord i pray for peace tonight. peace in my heart. peace in my mind. lord i pray for an attitude that will glorify you. lord i pray for a desire to waste no time- to use my gifts. lord i pray for resolve- for strength- lord i pray you will teach me to replace my name with your own. for your sake. for your glory. not for my own. never. for my own. amen.’


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