things i dream about…

March 30, 2009

my bucket list… of sorts

  • go to calcutta for a while and take care of the dying
  • go back to school… for one or more of the following:
    MFA in creative writing, MA or MFA in fashion design, MA in english, MA in foreign language (hispanic studies)
  • join the teach for america program
  • see every state, especially maine..
  • skydive
  • wear a white dress and be the most beautiful girl in the room… at least for one person.
  • backpack, like.. for real, in europe
  • run a marathon and defy all the odds
  • stand on ‘the dirt‘ …Isreal
  • be debt free
  • become fluent in spanish
  • stay at while at ‘the simple way‘ in philadelphia
  • learn to drive a stick
  • ski again. both water and snow…  (and believe that its possible)
  • write a book, have it published
  • see greece, sweden, tokyo, ireland, morocco, india, egypt, south africa, australia,
    thailand, spain… and more.
  • learn to swing, salsa, tango, flamenco, mambo, lindy hop, cha cha, jive.. etc.
  • swing dance with my daddy at my wedding
  • climb a mountain. a tall one.
  • learn to play the guitar
  • write a love song
  • learn a graphic program so i can create the ideas in my head
  • ride in a side car!!

ANNNDDD… more. I’ll add to this… and hopefully cross some things out along the way.


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